If you are looking to become a supplier to The ACC Liverpool Group please review the information below. 

Our procurement policy and procedures adhere to public sector procurement rules and regulations. The ACC Liverpool Group endeavours to be fair, open and honest when obtaining quotations or tendering for contracts. 

Lower Value Tenders

If a contract is below the UK Government Procurement Threshold of £213,477 inclusive of VAT, The ACC Liverpool Group will undertake either a quotation or tender exercise. Quotations will be requested for contracts below £25,000 exclusive of VAT per year with up to three quotations obtained depending upon the value of the contract. Tender exercises are usually undertaken for contracts above £25,000 exclusive of VAT per annum with contracts usually awarded for up to three years with the inclusion of an extension option. A copy of our standard Terms and Conditions can be found here

Become A Supplier of The ACC Liverpool Group

Due to the volume of supplier interest, The ACC Liverpool Group is unable to notify all potential suppliers directly when contracts are due for renewal.  Tender opportunities are advertised through Delta eTendering Services.

Organisations wishing to participate in any future tendering activity are advised to register with Delta eSourcing.